30 bài viết TOEFL mẫu – Solve problems on your own experience and knowledge, or to ask others for advice

30 bài viết TOEFL mẫu – Solve problems on your own experience and knowledge, or to ask others for advice

Bài viết mẫu TOEFL IBT số 1

Trong quá trình luyện thi viết TOEFL, việc tham khảo các bài viết mẫu có điểm số cao là một việc rất cần thiết. Tại Americanstudy.edu.vn, chúng tôi đã tổng hợp 30 bài viết TOEFL được đánh giá cao để học sinh cùng tham khảo. 

Task: Which one do you prefer, to solve problems on your own experience and knowledge, or to ask others for advice?

As knowledge and experience serve as twin towers in problem-solving, one is often presented with two major paths that pave the way for final fulfillment, either to wrack his brain, just like what happened to Neuton, sitting for many years under an apple tree and eventually figuring out one of the greatest universal rules that govern the whole globe, or to seek for others’ wisdom through their advice, just as in the case of Benjamin Franklin, gathering great minds under one roof and then establishing a most world-renown library. Both ways work. When a practical goal is involved, however, Benjamin Franklin may best be regarded as a role model in this respect and asking people for advice often turn out to be the prime alternative.

  Experience and knowledge borrowed or learned from others’ advice contribute greatly to effectiveness and effeciency for a goal-accomplishment. Not all experience and knowledge related to problem-solving can be obtained by personal effort alone due to limitations of mind and capabilities of each individual. A single thought in someone’s mind is, more often than not, far less shining compared with group’s wisdom. That explains the famous old saying that one sees further when standing upon the shoulders’ of past great giants; that explains why a great leader is always with greater minds; that also explains why teamwork in cooperation is highly emphasized in the 21st century. Brainstorm and exchange of ideas between different thoughts never fail to enhance capabilities of each individual involved, a team, a company, an institution, a country, or even the entire global village.

  Asking others’ advice instead of getting everything done on one’s own promotes democracy and communication too. In terms of democracy, it is necessary to give others rights and chances to speak since the problem may concern them in different ways, and their saying in turn reflects our respect toward freedom of speech as well as their wisdom. In terms of communication, idea exchange sometimes focuses more than solutions, and hereby better mutual understanding about perspectives, principles, practicalities and personalities of each other.

  Admittely turning to others for help and suggestion by no means refers to absolute and irresponsible dependence. Consideration upon different thoughts and ideas broadens our mind, enlarges our vision, furthers understanding, enhances more effective and efficient brainstorm, and stresses mutual respect in groups and communities, which undoubtedly gives rise to better, if not the best solutions. As is paraphrased from John F Kennedy, brainstormed, there is little we cannot do while divided, there is little we can do. 

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