Nguyễn Đức Hiếu (THPT Chuyên KHTN) – “Moderne rêve project”

Nguyễn Đức Hiếu (THPT Chuyên KHTN) – “Moderne rêve project”
Nguyễn Đức Hiếu

This trip to Thai Binh is a new experience for me.

 This is the first time I’ve gone so far except having to go out go on holidays for relaxing. The first time is always the most memorable and emotional experience. The most obvious is the thrill in the night before the trip. Besides, there is anxiety from meeting to departure because I am afraid the trip will not be successful when the trip schedule is difficult to suit everyone. But it must be said that the purpose of this project is very meaningful and attractive to students who have not had experience like me. Due to departure later than expected, when coming to the hotel to prepare furniture and meeting, it was quite tiring. But, the next morning, sleepiness and exhaustion were replaced by curiosity as a result of a visit to the mangrove forest in Thai Thuy, Thai Binh. With the enthusiastic help of Mr. Vinh, an indigenous person, I have a better insight of the mangrove forest and its main inhabitants.

 The hardest and most interesting part was wading. I learned from experience not to wear boots in the mangroves, barefoot is the most suitable and fastest. I also learned a lot about the life of the people here: they mainly depend on the catch from fish, for example, oyster, shrimp, … By the following days, I have the opportunity to interact with students at Thuy Hai Primary School. Students here have to go to school very early. Those are very happy when us ,the students from Hanoi,came there and exchanged as well as taught lessons about recycling and plastic waste which perhaps was never taught by teachers in their school. Being able to make recycled products with plastic bottles with them, I felt like going back to my childhood when I was making crafts and had a sense of triumph when finished a ship or a boat. Although they hadjust communicated with the children for only an hour, they seemed to have formed a small connection that made this trip not useless and indeed an truly extracurricular trip. I both have the opportunity to study, have the opportunity to exchange, and relax.

 No trip that could bring me the comfort still has such knowledge and experience like this. In short, this trip is succinctly encapsulated in three words: enjoyment, novelty, and excitement.

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